About Us


                  Who we are & what we sell

 Shop for emotions and sentiments for your loved one, which happens to come with a memorable piece of Jewelry.

We know how Greeting cards in the past warmed up your loved one's hearts, our products will too but with an extra touch of that gorgeous piece that will always remind her of you. 

We are a US based company in Ohio run by two sisters. We come from a big family of girls and like any other girl, we love jewelry & fashion but whenever we tried to find good jewelry, it would either be low in quality or high priced. 

We wanted to bring that balance of selling quality jewelry at affordable price.

Our vision is to bring good pieces of Jewelry to every little girl, or a woman out there by making it affordable for them to buy.

We are also crazy about minimalist and personalized jewelry. We also bring you fine jewelry that is combined with heartfelt messages for your loved one.



           Three facts about Amrie & Co.

1) Our first  jewelry message was written by a 7 years old little girl, Sanya for her sick mom. Till date we donate all sales from that piece to Sanya and her family. Can you guess which piece is that on our site? 

2) We are all for empowering girls but we also empower boys by giving them a chance to share their sentiments. Boys may not be good at showing emotions, but that doesn’t mean they don't have any. 

Many of our gift messages are written by real boys & men for their moms, grandmas, girlfriends and wives.

3) Do you know, you can connect with us directly and get your custom message written on jewelry for your loved one. All you have to do is email us at amriesilk@gmail.com

4) We are not only customizing jewelry, we also have big collection of beautiful silk face masks that can be customized. Check them out!

5) We provide a promise of good quality & best prices

6) Shop with Trust and contact us with any questions

                   Our Promise            

Transparency and honesty 

If we will not wear it, we will not sell it to you. Other retailers may sell with big markup, our markup is only 30% of the entire product cost including manufacturing, design, packaging, taxes, delivery and cost while other vendors may charge you a lot more

Our prices are competitive but we don’t compete with anyone on prices. We compete on providing best service, best messages and best customer service. 

If there are any changes we will communicate here.